Creative Portoflio
Creative Portfolio

Below are some of my very favorite projects. From brand design to collaterals and digital painting and they all share a common thread: they are designed with passion and clarity.

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Brand Identity and Custom Graphic Design

Brand Identity Design

Custom Graphic Design

Pre-Made Design

Happy customers.

I am a web designer, not a graphic designer, so asked a friend to design me a new business card. My friend did a good job, however Sery spotted things that only someone with her experience would see, and turned what I thought was a good design into an outstanding design! I have no qualms about recommending Sery to anyone as her experience and professionalism really do show through in the quality of her work. Five stars from me any day of the week!


Colin Falcon

Simply Design Me 

I am delighted with these cards, thank you so much for your patience and the fantastic design. Thanks you SeryDesign!


Kate Treharne Jones


I was looking for a pet photography logo then found my favorite logo that Sery made as a pre-made that fit exactly like I wanted in a logo. She then fixed the logo exactly like I wanted it to be and she also was very patient to walk me thru the entire process. I would recommend anyone that is looking for a custom design. She is very professional and fast. Thank you SeryDesign!

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